Microbenchmark Applications

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We provide our OpenCL microbenchmarks within a java application, either GUI-based or from the command-line. Windows and Linux are supported.

Warning : as we are testing the limits of your GPUs, the driver of your graphic card might crash! This gives you a black screen, but the driver will restart automatically. Those microbenchmarks will be skipped.

Microbenchmark App version 2 - May 2017

Download GUI Jar File

Double-click the JAR file to launch the application.

Download CLI Jar File

Run the command-line Microbenchmark Suite as follow:

java -jar Microbenchmarksuite-vX.jar platform-id device-id [mode:test, fast (default) or accurate] [all (default) or specific benchmark e.g. COMP/INT/2 or MEMORY/Global/Float2] [send to database: username=xxx]

when no argument is given, all OpenCL devices of your system will be shown.

Java Required : Download it at java.com