Felipe Reinoso Carvalho

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
B123, Nijverheidskaai 170
1070 Anderlecht, Belgium


Started getting in touch with sound and music and participated in several musical projects, having the opportunity to develop singing and band leading skills. After getting a Sound Engineer's degree at Universidad Tecnologica de Chile went back to Brazil, establishing himself in Sao Paulo, getting involved with soundtracks production, recording studio, music experimentation and acoustics consulting. Finally, in 2010 he decided to go back to research, doing a Masters degree in Building and Environmental Acoustics engineer at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. After finishing his masters degree, he received an invitation from the VUB to start a PhD in Acoustics and assist in the implementation of an acoustics laboratory with an anechoic chamber and high level equipment. This infrastructure will help the ongoing investigations at IWT - EHB, involving microphone measurements, soundscape emulation and wireless networking for environmental noise measurements.