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dr. ing. Yannick Verbelen - Characterization of Self-Powered Autonomous Embedded Systems for Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting

January 25th 2018

Yannick Verbelen succesfully presented his work on Energy Harvesting during his PhD defense on January 25th 2018. He therefore received the degree of Doctor in Engineering with the greatest distinction. His presentation follows the content of his book entitled "Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting". His presentation has been recorderded for those who couldn't be in the audience.

Presentation of Yannick Verbelen

Book: Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting

Electronic devices require electric energy to operate, but it is not always possible or convenient to connect them to the power grid. When they are installed in remote locations or need to be mobile, batteries can offer an alternative. Replacing or recharging batteries is a nuisance, however, and their self discharge and tendency to start leaking after a few years does not make them a good choice for applications for which a long autonomy is desired. For truly autonomous electronic devices that can operate for numerous years without human interaction, another approach must be taken.

Renewable energy on a small scale, like small solar cells or wind turbines, offers promising advantages, but they are difficult to retrofit into existing applications or design into novel ideas and products. The wasted potential resulting from ignoring these energy harvesters as an alternative source of energy for autonomous systems leads to missed opportunities and preventable e-waste. The gap between energy harvesters and electronic systems must be closed.

Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting extends the foundations of energy harvesting theory into the domain of electronic engineers, offering a comprehensive new approach and design methodology for autonomous devices powered by ambient energy. Using state-of-the-art benchmarking hardware for harvesters and ambient environments, the secrets of embedded power path design are uncovered step by step. Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting combines innovative harvester designs with alternative local energy storage and smart power rail generation to maximize reliability and autonomy, while simultaneously minimizing environmental and economic costs. In this book, the electronic engineer will find all necessary theory and examples to design electronic systems powered by local energy harvesting.


Verbelen, Y., 2018. Complementary Balanced Energy Harvesting. Brussels: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

ISBN: 978-90-90-30780-0

"I only give negative feedback"

Yannick is also known as the assistent wearing T-shirts with statements related to elektronics circuits. He often wears the famous T-shirt of "I only give negative feedback" during the examination of students. Today he will be evaluated for his presentation, book and defense and we will return him this favour by all wearing the fitting T-shirt.

Group picture - I only give negative feedback

Someone is wearing the wrong T-shirt....

Quote by Yannick at the beginning of his presentation: "Unfortunately Dave Jones couldn't make it today. He would be proud of all of you for wearing fitting outfits, so thank you for that!"

Thank you!

Yannick, we have been your colleagues and students for several years. You learned us everything you know about electronics and electronics design tools. Your enthousiasm and perseverance made you one of the best teachers at our university. Our research group gained a lot of knowledge and it is only thanks to your devotion that we are able to do what we can do today. Thank you for everything Yannick and congratulations!

Your colleagues and students