Abdellah Touhafi

Prof. Ir. Abdellah Touhafi

Abdellah Touhafi obtained his bachelor's degree in Electronics, option: Computer systems at IHAM Antwerp. He has a Masters degree in Electronics from the VUB Brussels and a PhD in Applied Sciences : Scalable Run-Time Reconfigurable Computing Systems also at the VUB. He currently is a full time professor at the VUB and the leader of the Rapptor Lab.

Bruno da Silva

Dr. Ir. Bruno da Silva

Bruno T. Da Silva Gomes is a Postdoc reasearcher at ETRO/INDI. He obtained his degree in Telecommunications at the University of Vigo (Spain), specialized in Electronics and Telematics. Thanks to an internship, he developed his master thesis at IMEC (Belgium). For more than two years he has worked as researcher in the Signal department of the Univesity of Vigo (Spain) implementing different architectures for DvB receivers on an FPGA. Bruno obtained his Ph.D in August 2019 from the universities Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Ghent.

Thibaut Vandervelden

Ing. Thibaut Vandervelden

Thibaut Vandervelden is a Ph.D student at VUB under the supervision of Kris Steenhaut and An Braeken. He obtained his master’s degree at the VUB in 2019 with a specialization in Embedded Electronics and ICT. His research is focussed on implementing a Social IoT Network with cryptography. His current interests include cryptography and real-time signal processing techniques on FPGAs.

An Braeken

Prof. An Braeken

An Braeken obtained her MSc Degree in Mathematics from the University of Gent in 2002. In 2006, she received her PhD in engineering sciences from the KULeuven at the research group COSIC (Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography). In 2007, she became professor at Erasmushogeschool Brussel in the Industrial Sciences Department. Prior to joining the Erasmushogeschool Brussel, she worked for almost 2 years at a mangement consulting company BCG. Her current interests include cryptography, security protocols for sensor networks, secure and private localization techniques, and FPGA implementations.

Quentin Quevy

Ing. Quentin Quevy

Quentin Quévy finished his studies and obtained his master’s degree in engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2017. Specialized in embedded electronics and ICT, he is now a researcher in the Rapptor group and an assistant for electronic related courses such as basic electronics, embedded hardware design, and integrated electronics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research primarily focuses on the development of (triboelectric) energy harvesting generators to power small embedded systems, self-powered sensors, and sensor networks.

Jurgen Vandendriessche

Ing. Jurgen Vandendriessche

Jurgen graduated in 2018 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he obtained a master degree in Industrial Engineering Sciences, option Electronics ICT. He is currently pursuing a PhD related to microphone arrays and acoustics. His research continues on the work of his predecessors. He teaches courses related to both software and hardware, such as informatics, (basic) electronics.

Jan Lemeire

Prof. Ir. Jan lemeire

Jan graduated from the VUB in 1994 and received his (masters) diploma of electrotechnics engineer. He did his thesis at the VUB Artificial Intelligence-lab in the context of expert systems. Then completed his studies with an additional masters degree in Computer Science (Faculty of Science), also at the VUB, in 1995. At the start of his professional carreer, Jan worked for 3.5 years in the private sector: first as a programmer for Cap Gemini, an IT consulting firm, then for Warmoes & Van Damme, a company specialised in knowledge systems (now, partly Aktor). He developed his professional skills during these years, but also found out that research is his real passion. He therefore returned to the academic world to prove himself in a scientific carreer... At first he was allocated on a project with Alcatel Bell on parallel simulation. In march 2001 he was employed as an assistent, teaching with a lot of enthusiasm and combining it with pursuing a PhD about parallel performance analysis and causal inference. In December 2007 Jan received his PhD and got a postdoc position as VUB doctor-assistant. Since then he participated in several projects focusing on probabilistic models and GPU computing. In October 2008 he got a part-time professorship at the Electronics and Informatics department (ETRO), in which he is responsible for the master course Parallel Systems and, since October 2011, the bachelor course 'Informatica'. Since October 2012 he is for 90% part of the department of Industrial Sciences (INDI), for which he teaches the master course Computer Architecture and the bachelor's Electronics and Informatics courses.